Exploring the Back Catalogue: KMKMKM Fine Lens

Note: Post in early development and needed as spaceholder to keep things chronological!

Today I’m going to start a fine-lens look at Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, including the lyrics, which I forgot to get around to on the original forum thread because Wish arrived in our remote rural mailbox and I got highly enthused from the first listen. So, there will be a few well-deserved extra entries on that in this curation of my open journal Exploring the Back Catalogue, before I return to the “reprints” and additional commentary on Wish, and then continue with the in my view excellent self-titled album, which was next in the mailbox and which I got partly through before transferring the whole shebang onto my blog!

Exploring The Back Catalogue: HOTD First Impressions, KMKMKM, Oddments

I’m at a crossroads here with presenting the journal material so far, because originally we also had a preliminary listen to The Head On The Door straight after KMKMKM, and neither of us were thrilled with that record. This led to some online debates, not all of which were particularly friendly, and a deeper exploration of reasons we didn’t take to that album like we’ve taken to albums such as Bloodflowers, The Top and KMKMKM. After that, I had a first listen to Wish, which I much preferred to the 1985 release, and got straight into looking at the lyrics on that. In the thick of all of this, I completely forgot to have a closer look at KMKMKM and its lyrics, an omission I will rectify on this blog soon – so much to explore with that album, and really looking forward to that.

Meanwhile though, here’s a very preliminary entry on The Head On The Door, lumped in with two entries on other songs. Also a couple of sermons related to YouTube & co commentaries. 😇 Plus, I’ve thrown in something extra over and above the “reprint” on the last entry here – i.e. that scorching Hendrix cover, and Pink Floyd…

Exploring the Back Catalogue: KMKMKM First Impressions

The next album from the Cure’s back catalogue that dropped into our rural mailbox in the middle of nowhere was Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. We were systematically closing gaps, having been captured years ago with Bloodflowers, various live albums and the concert film Trilogy, and having at that point gradually added Disintegration, The Top, Wild Mood Swings, Join the Dots (4 discs of B-sides, excellent value) and 4:13 Dream to our CD collection.

I started open journalling about the music with Exploring “Join the Dots”, then decided to continue the process with 4:13 Dream and subsequent new acquisitions in a new open journal, Exploring the Back Catalogue. I initially did both on a forum, but will now curate them on my blog and then continue gradually adding to them here.