Magazine Articles – June 2021

Sadly, independent media are increasingly finding it uneconomical to operate, and we have now lost the Australian Owner Builder magazine, after 40 years as an institution for inspiration and technical information. I was invited to contribute to the final issue and wrote two articles for that occasion. Lots of love and best wishes to Lynda, who captained it for the past 14 years and produced a wonderful publication with delicious graphic design, photo layout etc. She was a dream editor to work with and we wish her a wonderful life away from the non-stop deadline pressures of running a publication single-handedly.

In The Owner Builder No.222 (June-August 2021), you will find Big Things and Little Things, presenting a summary of the “big issues” to get right on an owner build, and also discussion of minutiae such as how to lay a floor drain that actually works, and how to tile a gorgeous kitchen backsplash using field tiles and decorative inset tiles.

As a final piece for The Owner Builder, I wrote a reflective piece called A Place Called Home.

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